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Ozone generator for research and development.

Our small-sized company, EcoDesign, Inc. based in Japan has specialized in developing and manufacturing ozone generators for last ten years. We are providing ozone generators and ozone related technological supports you need. The goal of our mission is to contribute to societies through out the world creating sustainable systems for mankind.

Let us introduce our ozone generators specially designed for research use that features:
You can obtain high concentration ozone gas with various flow rates;
Output ozone gas is almost contamination free (Good for semiconductor clean up process);
Generators are compact and portable.

You will find out our products give you the best results in your research with great satisfaction. We are sure that our ozone technology will continue to evolve, and our products will be recognized as vital tools to explore exciting world of science.


Ozone generators designed for all of ozone researchers

Ozone, originated from oxygen and goes back to oxygen, is useful and environmentally friendly. The gas has unlimited ways of use for innovation in our living space such as water purification. Ozone can play very important role in solving many environmental problems. The enthusiasm and constant efforts of ozone-research pioneers will lead the way to the various applications of ozone. Our ozone generators of R&D series, with the following three features will surely assist your reseach.

The first : The ozone generated is free from contamination.

The discharge tubes, totally made of quartz glass, eliminate sputtering by discharges. Generated ozone is clean enough, and is suitable for precision cleaning processes such as semi-conductor-cleaning. Free-of-metal-parts models are also available upon requests.

The second : Highly concentrated ozone gas is available.

Discharge tubes with well designed gaps and length, coupled with efficient cooling system efficiently generate highly concentrated ozone. Water-cooled model can achieve the concentration up to 220 g/m3 (approximately 10 vol%). The range of your research will be greatly expanded.

Corona discharge viewed in our discharge tube

Corona discharge viewed in our discharge tube

The third : Highly stable ozone concentration is achieved.

The R&D models equipped with running water-cooling systems, cooling both inner and outer walls of gas conduits in discharge tubes, can generate ozone at stable concentration. The system also is robust against environmental temperature fluctuations. You can resume the same concentration with high precision in your experiments without difficulties.

Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator for R&D ED-OG-R4BW


You get ozone at max. concentration 220 g/m3 with little contamination.

Standard model for R&D.
High ozone concentration, 220 g/m3, is achieved in your research.
Max. ozone output 15 g/hr Ozone concentration 220 g/m3
Discharge tube
cooling method
Running water (both innner & outer walls) cooling Power consumption 350 W
Weight 7.5 kg External dimensions 332W x 280D x 185H mm

Ozone Generator for R&D ED-OG-R6


Very compact ozone generator, equipped with air-cooled discharge tube, produces ozone with high concentration.

Air-cooled ozone generator. You only need to feed oxygen and plug it into the power source to get ozone with high concentration.
Max. ozone output 4 g/hr Ozone concentration 50 g/m3
Discharge tube
cooling method
air-cooled Power consumption 120 W
Weight 5 kg External dimensions 192W x 156D x 270H mm