The message of our CEO.

I feel a new age is beginning on the earth.
This is the age of new challenges to construct the sustainable society.
It is sure that in the challenges, science and technology have very important rolls.

I believe ozone is a key substance very useful for researchers to develop science and technology to construct the sustainable society.
As people know well, in the nature, ozone is continuously generated very much at ozone layer and block off the ultraviolet rays, harmful for human being.
Furthermore, the ozone gas goes down with the convection current in the troposphere and play following rolls necessary for higher forms of life.

  1. Detoxification of harmful organic compound (VOC etc.)
    At the room temperature, the oxidation power of ozone is 1 million times of that of oxygen.
  2. Sterilization of air in earth and surfaces of creature bodies.
    0.02-0.1ppm ozone in the air controls the number of bacteria and viruses.
  3. Activation of biological functions
    Ozone is known to have the power of enhancement of the immunity of creatures.

Human being too started the utilization of ozone in A.C. 1880s, about hundred thirty years ago.
Recently, environmental problem attract a great deal of attention.
Then the ozone application in new fields is being developed day by day at all over the world.

We, EcoDesign, Inc. members, believe our roll in the world is to offer most suitable ozone generators for researchers to realize there dreams about ozone.
Also we are always ready to positively suggest how to arrange experimental apparatus with ozone gas or ozone dissolved water.
Furthermore we welcome special orders of ozone generators or ozone dissolved water generators with your choices of specification.

Please access us immediately at the time you have a dream with ozone.
However I am sorry there are few parsons in EcoDesign, Inc. who can understand English enough through telephone.
Please access us by E-mail.

Masaaki Nagakura Chairman & CEO
Masaaki Nagakura
Our mission

The goal of our mission is contribution to societies through manufacturing and distributing our ozone generators in addition to providing our ozone related technological supports that you are seeking.

We are sure that ozone technology will continue to evolve and will take a vital role to realize sustainable systems in our societies for following two reasons:

  1. Ozone is almost harmless molecule, which is made from oxygen in the air, and it can goes back to oxygen. Ozone can be a great alternative substance to chemicals such as chlorine and sulfuric acid that can damage our environment.
  2. Ozone-uses in sterilization, deodorization and in other related fields are more efficient and less energy consuming than other traditional methods such as high temperature treatment. Chartering natural energy sources such as photovoltaic cells and wind powered generators to drive ozone systems should be more eco-friendly.

We emphasize the following two objectives:

  1. We develop, improve and distribute our ozone generators specialized for research laboratory uses. We always try to help you with providing ozone generators you are seeking. To furnish our products with special modifications and specifications you desire is our scope.
  2. We constantly accumulate data and our knowledge through collaborative experiments with users and researchers. In addition, we try to share our findings and ideas with enthusiastic customers through our Homepage and other media to spread the merits of ozone as well as the safety handling techniques of ozone.

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